Epoxy Flooring Benefits

  • Provides a durable, spill-proof, stain-proof surface

  • Resistant to UV rays

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Enhances lighting

Our Full Flake Epoxy Process

Our installation consists of a six-step process in order to provide the best possible results.

  • Surface Preparation: With all concrete coating applications, surface preparation is by far the most important part for long term durability and adhesion. Every floor is mechanically etched with a large diamond grinding machine that is attached to a vacuum system to reduce the amount of dust. This process is far superior than the acid etch that is recommended by inferior DYI systems. The mechanical etching removes the fine top layer of the concrete, latent oils, dirt and other products that could reduce adhesion capability. By doing so, this allows our proprietary Moisture Vapor Barrier epoxy to penetrate deep into the concrete and create a superior mechanical bond. After the grinding process is complete, the floor is thoroughly vacuumed to remove all dust and debris. At that point, pits and cracks are filled. Large cracks/pits and salt damaged areas will be discussed with the owner to address the best possible solution for repair.

  • Base Coat Application: ICF always uses a proprietary Moisture Vapor Barrier epoxy base coat. This epoxy provides superior adhesion compared to other epoxies and polyaspartics/polyureas. This important step provides the security of no epoxy delamination from off gassing trough the concrete slab because of moisture vapors. All concrete has moisture emissions as it is natural for moisture to evaporate from the ground. Unlike our Moisture Vapor Barrier epoxy, polyaspartics/polyreuas have no moisture vapor emission resistance.

  • Polymer Chip Broadcast: Although this particular step in the process looks easy, the art is for even and thorough distribution of the polymer chips. The chips are applied while the epoxy is still wet, allowing them to harden within the coating. They also provide texture and durability to the coating. Colors are picked by the owner from our standard in-stock selection or can be customized to any color blend imaginable. These floors are a 100% chip coverage, meaning the color comes from the chips not the epoxy base coat. For lower cost alternatives we do offer the partial chip flooring option. This uses a colored epoxy base, sparse chip broadcast and durable topcoat.

  • Preparation for Clear Coat: Normally taking place on the second day to ensure adequate bonding time, we start prep for the clear coat. Excess chips will be picked up because we broadcast the chips approximately 25% more than needed. The floor is then scraped in 3 directions to remove partially attached chips. During this step, we are sure to clean up as much dust and chips from the driveway so you are not left with anything other than a beautiful floor.

  • Application of Clear Coat: In our final application step, IFC utilizes a combination system. For all garages and exterior applications, we use a high solids polyaspartic top coat. Through our experience, we have found that this system is highly durable, scratch resistant, and UV stable (non-yellowing). Unlike some of our competitors that use epoxy top coats which are not UV resistant and will yellow/amber over time.

  • Return to Service: Generally, our systems require a 2-day installation time. Some variations, including weather, can affect those times and will be discussed with the owner at the time of consultation. Typically, the day after the floor is completed, light foot traffic and items can be placed back in the job area. Garages require 2 days after to drive on them. The products may be dry, but they continue to cure and can be damaged. After full cure, the system is very durable, chemical resistant and slip resistant. Best of all completely hot tire resistant! Lifetime Residential Peeling Warranty!

This a durable and long-lasting system and a great alternative to concrete staining. Numerous colors are available and mixing of colors can give even a greater look to the finished floor.

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